Our Team

Team Members

Our team bring experience from working in Pharmaceutical, NHS, Sales & Marketing, Finance and even live television broadcasting and we marry the right experiences to tailored programmes.

Martin Clarke
Jenny Walker
Julian Presant-Collins
Kristine Bloor
Mike Barron
Louise Bromfield​
Antonia Gregory
Paul Richmond
Susana Roza
Sarah Setterfield
Mo Bury
Vince Slaven
Maria Coupland
Kielan Tayler
Nick Horrell
Mathilde Barbier
Catherine Bardwell
Bob Bevil
Sylvia Faber
Komal George
Dina Iannotti
Narumi Isoda
Toks Kinoshi
Ian Kirkby
Louise Lavender
Derek Linden
Simon Nichols
Kim Nielsen
Stephen Reyes
Laura Rosenthal
Paul Terry
Jane Woods
Stephanie Harvie
Melissa Nicholson