Our Team

Susana Roza

Susana is a former TV news reader who works now as facilitator, speaker and public speaking trainer in Spanish, Portuguese and English. She worked on TV for more than 20 years in Spain and the US, but says she is much happier now not being in front of the camera and helping others to communicate better!

Susana’s favourite sessions are:

  • Making expert speakers even better in our Presentation Skills workshop
  • Virtual Charisma: How to communicate on camera
  • Chairing and facilitating meetings of Healthcare leaders across the world
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions on communication skills
  • Communication between cultures: How to understand verbal and nonverbal language

After living in Rio de Janeiro for several years, Susana now lives in Madrid. She loves dancing salsa and flamenco and she has started running. She has two daughters, one lives in London and the youngest in Milano, Italy. But the nest is not empty since Carioca, an adopted Brazilian dog, is still at home.

Susana is fluent in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

If you want to discuss a need or challenge with Susana, email her at susana@inspirechange.com