Why Inspire Change

Why Us?

We are a leading agency committed to developing Healthcare Leaders.

Our focus and commitment is to developing healthcare leaders, so that when they step up to a new position they are properly prepared and have a robust toolkit to be more effective and improve the service to patients.

Our leadership programmes equip them to embrace change and build up their confidence as individuals and expand their understanding of professional practices.


We ultimately help HCPs deal with colleagues, management, suppliers and patients in a better, more effective way, while approaching difficult tasks in a confident and positive manner.


We have a history of delivering award-winning programmes that shape the lives of HCPs and the patients and communities they serve.


Our focus is on developing healthcare leaders, those with a ‘fire in their belly’. We inspire them to change, change their working practices, redesign their services and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Our Community

Committed to our Community

Our commitment to our communities extends to running activities locally that help those in the most need. We’ve mentored young people and helped give them some direction and we have through our schools & clubs ‘quiz nights’ organised fun evenings which in 2023 raised £8,362.

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Our Values

Inspire Change was founded with several objectives, a very important one of which was to have fun.

This meant making sure that those delegates attending our workshops enjoyed themselves, while getting to grips with the serious learning points, and that our clients enjoyed the interactions with Inspire Change.

As our business has grown, we have adopted five core values which are the drivers in our organisation, and are essential in our working partnership with you.


Inspire Change are committed to promoting a supportive and inclusive culture for all employees and business associates. Underpinned by our values, Inspire Change will maximise efficiency to deliver greater value for the benefit of all employees, associates and the client teams we work with.
As an employee or business associate of Inspire Change you can expect:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect in a fair and consistent manner in an environment where inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable
  • To be fairly appraised and rewarded for your personal contribution to the business, taking into account internal and external comparisons and affordability
  • To work in a healthy and safe environment free from hazards
  • To access opportunities for training and development to enable you to develop your full potential
  • To be supported in balancing your work and home life commitments
  • To be supported when undertaking voluntary work or fundraising you do in your communities

As a client of Inspire Change you can be reassured that:

  • Inspire Change work every day with diverse groups of delegates, particularly working with multidisciplinary teams in the NHS
  • We work in partnership with a wide range of facilitators, each with different professional, cultural and religious backgrounds
  • Our professional facilitators have experience working all over the world, and as such adapt their style based on the audience that is involved

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Frequently Asked Questions

Strictly speaking we would say yes. We train healthcare professionals and pharma teams. But over the years we have worked with organisations akin to the NHS (budgets controlled by Government with an overriding brief to do more with less) such as The Metropolitan Police Service and Office of Road and Rail.

Absolutely! Each year we work extensively across Europe but we are regularly invited to work in Asia, Middle East and America.

When we coach delegates this is in a 1-to-1 setting. In a workshop environment the minimum group size ideally is 8 and optimum 12-16, to encourage exchange of experience from a broader group. Remembering our style of training & facilitation is more about teasing out the solutions from the delegates than telling them how it should be done.

Group Sizes

What is the largest group you can train?

In a workshop setting we encourage group sizes to be around 16 maximum, but with 18 trainers who can all work alongside each other, we have often attended large conferences and provided multiple workshops to accommodate hundreds in between plenary sessions.

Do you handle the logistics?

Yes we do. Our project teams manage faculty, delegates, dinners, accommodation and of course training venues – including site visits, organising audio visual displays and any filming of the event.

I’m a doctor seeking a Consultant post, can you help?

Yes! We have a selection of experienced coaches who work regularly with Doctors to create a compelling CV and equip them to effectively answer interview questions – so the panel get the answer they are really looking for. We have a great success rate in helping doctors get their dream job.

Our Clients