Our Team

Mo Bury

Mo is a facilitator, coach and trainer. She has spent over 20 years learning about what makes people do stuff and how to help them do things differently.

Her favourite sessions include:

  • Helping people get over fears such as presenting, running an MDT or dealing with change. (She also does fear of flying and spiders too)
  • Showing HCPs how they can create a business case for change
  • Giving nurses the confidence to deal with the things that drain them
  • Speed Coaching – it’s amazing what you can do in 15 minutes

Mo likes to do things that challenge her fears, including a fire walk, bungee jump and parachute jump.

She lives with her husband Jon and her dog Jack, who loves long walks (the dog, not the husband).

Mo volunteers at The Hive SEND College and has recently discovered that she has ADHD and her daughter is Autistic, which has made her life a lot easier now she understands her brain better.

Please contact Mo if you have something that is holding you back from living your best life mo@inspirechnage.com