Our Team

Komal George

Komal is a pharmacist and business strategist, with a deep passion for the pharmacy sector.  Her desire to create impactful change in her profession has resulted in her spending a large part of her career working for national pharmacy organisations such as National Pharmacy Association (NPA) & Pharmaceuticals Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC). 

As a trained Health Coach and graduate of Applied Functional Medicine for Clinical Practitioners, Komal takes a holistic approach when supporting pharmacy professionals so that they develop the courage, confidence and skills to deliver services that create a transformational change in patients and that they love to deliver. In other words, services that create happy patients and happy healthcare professionals!

Komal has supported pharmacists to develop their own private clinics in specialist areas such as dermatology, women’s health as well as health and wellbeing and believes that pharmacists are capable of being significant change makers in healthcare.  

As huge advocate of women in leadership especially women of colour, and through her own experience of being the first asian female pharmacist to hold the Head of Dispensing and Supply position at the PSNC, Komal co-founded the Female Pharmacy Leaders Network – a network of pharmacy professionals who help to find, develop and support women pharmacy professionals into positions of leadership.