Our Team

Paul Richmond

Paul has worked with Inspire Change for almost 20 years as a speaker, trainer and facilitator. He has worked with Healthcare leaders across the globe from Asia to Andover, and blends his good humour with a clear focus on practical steps people can take to overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in everyday life.
His favourite sessions include:

  • Influencing others, and the ways we can encourage and motivate people to do the right thing
  • Presenting with impact, where clinicians can build a story so that their audience takes action
  • Leadership and communications, because this is what a good clinician has to do every day, whether or not they are focused upon it
  • Coaching and mentoring, as these skills set the best clinicians apart

Paul enjoys tennis at his local club, but probably enjoys the social aspect even more and lives in the heart of Sussex with his wife, Janet and their dog, Florence who have all been granted permission to live there by their fat and all-knowing cat, Chester.
Pauls other passions extend to ‘playing’ his guitars, (he keeps promising to practice more frequently!) and going to the movies, which is his specialist quiz topic.