Our Team

Martin Clarke​

Martin is the founder and CEO of Inspire Change, and a speaker, trainer and facilitator. He has worked with Healthcare leaders across the world. Martin’s favourite sessions are:

  • Making expert speakers even better in our Presentation Skills workshops
  • Helping Healthcare Leaders attract more funding and resources for their services in our Building a better Business Case events
  • Chairing and Facilitating Meetings of Healthcare leaders across the world
  • Coaching and Mentoring new and aspiring healthcare leaders to reach new heights

Martin is a keen sports fan, especially cricket and football (soccer) and an avid supporter of the MK Dons. He lives in England with his wife Cathy and their dog Dexter. They have 4 grown-up children. Martin collects first edition books of his favourite author, English comic writer PG Wodehouse. He loves going to the Theatre, and enjoys musicals. His favourite musical is the superb Hairspray. If you want to discuss a need or challenge with Martin, email him at martin@inspirechange.com