Paul Richmond

Paul is a qualified chartered accountant, but despite that has a fantastic sense of humour! He has held senior positions in commercial organisations before turning his attention to developing leaders and management potential in individuals. His personable approach, coupled with his experience in commerce, has been valuable in heading up workshops where the content is focussed on business planning, negotiation & leadership skills.  

Paul excels in facilitating national and international meetings and his enthusiasm and attention to client needs make him popular as a conference speaker and a behavioural trainer. His style engenders pace and participation, blending fun with focus, and pushing people to achieve more. Over the last ten years he has worked with a range of Pharmaceutical clients such as Abbott, Sanofi, Pfizer, MSD as well as facilitating workshops and conferences within the NHS and for medical teams across Europe.

Paul is a lively and enthusiastic speaker, who mixes humour, practicality and his own experience of working with national and multi-national organisations to help our clients achieve their desired performance levels.